Support and Training for Our Foster Carers

foster carer

We are dedicated to providing children and young people with a happy home life and positive outcomes. This is achieved by looking after the well-being and development of our foster carers. By giving our foster carers the support they need, they, in turn, are ready to support the young people in their care. We grow and evolve together. One of the ways we have recently evolved is the addition of online training courses.

We received very positive feedback after our first online course that was a refresher on safeguarding.  We shall continue to offer our online training courses moving forward.  Providing online training is an excellent way of working around busy lives and means everyone is able to attend with ease.

Face to Face Training for Foster Carers

The online training for our foster carers is in addition to the face to face training sessions we provide in our offices. We love to see you in person and we know that our foster carers also appreciate the contact that reaches beyond the Internet.  The online training is simply another way of ensuring everyone has full access to our courses.

We are always keen to hear all feedback, so if you haven’t let us know your thoughts on the online training, we’d love to hear them.