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Foster Care and Record Keeping

Record keeping quickly becomes part life for foster carers. However, many people who make enquires on becoming a foster carer in Worcestershire have no idea that record keeping is involved. Today we will share some information on record keeping and foster care but...

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Children’s Social Care at Breaking Point

The Local Government Association, representing 370 councils across England and Wales, has issued a warning that children’s social care is now at breaking point.  The increase in demand for support has led to 75% of councils overspend by over half a billion pounds. ...

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Replacing Foster Care with Boarding School

The government is aiming to encourage local authorities to send vulnerable young people to boarding school instead of full-time foster care.  Children have already been funded by their local council to attend a boarding school in this way. Currently, roughly 100...

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What is Attachment?

Attachment has a lasting effect. Secure attachments will influence the entire life of a person, as will insecure attachment. Foster carers have training and resources that help them to fully understand attachment, how it develops and the problems that can be caused by...

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What to Consider When Fostering in the Midlands

We are always keen to speak to anyone who is interested in fostering in the Midlands. Foster carers are in short supply and there are many children who need your help. The circumstances surrounding the needs and requirements of the child will vary, but there are a few...

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What’s Expected from Foster Carers

Many people toy with the idea of becoming a foster carer. Sadly, the idea rarely comes to fruition as people are left unsure about what might be expected from them. The uncertainty often kicks in before the potential carers even pick up the phone to make an enquiry....

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Response to The Fostering System in England Review

The Fostering Network has published their response to The Fostering System in England Review.  The review was published on July 18, 2017. It was funded by the Department for Education to provide information for Westminster Government’s national stocktake of fostering....

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Help Stop Siblings Being Split Up in Foster Care

Large amounts of children are sadly separated from their brothers and sisters in foster care. In 2014 almost half of sibling groups went to different foster homes according to Action for Children.  The reason why so many are not kept together is simple. There’s a...

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Preparing for Your First Foster Child

Once you have been approved it won’t be long before you’re opening your home to your first foster child. This time can be exciting but also quite daunting, these are completely natural emotions. We remind our carers that we are here to give our support, but that’s not...

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Urgent Call for New Foster Carers in the Midlands

According to The Fostering Network, there are almost 55,000 foster families living in the UK. Within those families, there are nearly 64,000 children. That figure is just shy of 80% of the total 81,000 children that are living in care and away from their family home....

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