Interesting in Becoming a Foster Carer?

We are always interested in talking to anyone who is interested in becoming a foster carer in the Midlands.  One of the biggest difficulties we face is finding people who are genuinely interested in fostering children. A recent report by Action for Children stated that out of all the adults that were surveyed, 85% were not interested, or had very little interest in becoming a foster carer. That sounds quite disappointing, but as a fostering agency, we know that there are many people, singles and couples, who would love to learn more about fostering.

What Skills Do Foster Carers Need?

Foster carers need to have the necessary skills and experience to provide care to the children or young people that are placed in their care. The main factors that we are looking for are the desire to give a child or young person a place in your home and family.  It’s also vital that you wish to provide children with often complex behaviours a safe, secure, supported and happy home environment. You don’t need to come to us with any particular qualifications, but you will need to be ready to learn and increase your self-awareness and understanding.

Supportive Fostering Services

We provide training and support around the clock to all of our foster carers.  The only way foster carers can perform at their best is by being supported fully. We make it our priority to ensure support, training and remuneration in order to retain our excellent carers, and we work together in a professional capacity.

Across the UK, 7,000 further foster families are required to provide enough homes and care for children and young people next year. We are always ready to talk to those that express an interest in fostering in the Midlands.  Are you ready to make a huge difference? Give us a call, we’re here to answer your questions.