Saying Thanks to Sons and Daughters of Foster Carers

The Fostering Network has launched the month-long celebration of the vital contributions that are made by the sons and daughters of foster carers throughout the UK.  Sons and Daughters Month is an annual campaign that puts focus on the birth and adopted children of foster carers that play such an important role in fostering. The children provide vital contributions to welcoming the fostered children into their home. To celebrate and thank the children, the fostering communities will be holding many events during November.

Approximately half of foster carers have birth or adopted children still living in the family home when fostering. These children can often make a huge difference to the fostered children entering the new environment, helping them to settle and feel at ease. Some potential foster carers decide not to foster because they have birth or adopted children in the home. However, many birth and adopted children benefit from being a part of the fostering family, finding the experience enriching and helping them to develop as individuals.

Thoughts from the Children of Foster Carers

Lydia Bright, well known for her The Only Way is Essex, grew up as a part of a fostering family. Her mum, Debbie Douglas became a carer when Lydia was in her teens. Lydia has spoken about how chaotic those times sometimes were but also how she wouldn’t have changed anything. She has experience so much love, companionship and has many treasured memories. Lauran, another daughter of foster carers also spoke about how much she has learned through being part of a fostering family. She talked about listening to the foster children’s stories and providing support for them during times of heartbreak. As a result of her life experiences, Lauren now wants to do more for people in care.

The Chief of The Fostering Network Kevin Williams says that Sons and daughter provide valuable contributions to the foster family. In the UK, 64,0000 children are living with a foster family and their foster brothers and sisters are helping them to feel settled, loved and happier.

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