Call to Include Foster Children in 15 Hours Free Childcare

A Call on the Westminster Government has been made by a group of 13 charities and organisations to overturn the decision to exclude fostered children from having access to the extra 15 hours of free childcare.

A letter published in The Guardian made requests to Robert Goodwill, Children’s Minister, to look at the eligibility criteria and take immediate action to reverse the decision.
The letter from the organisations highlighted the fact that children aged 3 and 4 years are now entitled to an additional weekly 15 hours free childcare, which is not inclusive of fostered children. The organisations go on to say that the foster carers would benefit from this additional care as many need to work outside of the home in addition to being a foster carer, which is often a case for long term carers and family and friends foster carers.

The organisations and charities believe that the foster carers and social work team should work together to decided what’s best for the individual children and the fostering family. Fostered children should still have the same opportunities as the other children and this includes the sons and daughters of the foster carers who do qualify for the extra 15 hours of childcare each week. The letter was signed by representatives of the following charities and organisations:

  • Action for Children
  • Become
  • British Association of Social Workers
  • The Care Leavers’ Association
  • Children England
  • Coram BAAF
  • Coram Voice
  • The Fostering Network
  • National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers
  • National Youth Advocacy Service
  • The Together Trust
  • St Christopher’s

We understand there may be financial concerns when choosing to become a foster carer in the Midlands. Please call our office or leave us a message if you’d like to learn more about foster care finances or any other questions you might want answered. Don’t leave your decision to enter foster care to guesswork, seek out the facts.