What is it Like to Be a Foster Carer?

The Guardian is giving foster carers the opportunity to share their personal foster story. This is a fantastic opportunity to share what it’s really like to be a foster carer. Stories from those with experience can be vital to help shape the future of fostering but also to help those thinking of becoming a foster carer.

The paper is asking for input from all foster carers, where they work with a council, an independent agency or a charity. Working as a foster carer is not an easy job, it is full of challenges and recent cuts have added to the difficulties that are experienced by some. Another issue is dealing with the complex needs of children in the 21st Century. So now is the time to share your thoughts and experiences. To take part in the survey you will need to complete the encrypted form, found here.

Enter As Much Information as You Wish

You will be asked for your name and there’s a place to enter more information such as your age, location and what you do. Enter as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The next questions revolve around fostering, when you became a foster carer and how many children have you fostered.

The following questions give you the freedom to express your own personal experiences in as much detail as you wish. The first of these questions is simply asking you what it’s like to be a foster carer. The final one is for foster carers who have changed to an independent fostering agency from working for the council, asking what the experience was like.

Share for Information Only or Choose Potentially Share Publically

There is a box asking if you are happy to have your responses published. Here you have the choice to deny the request, to allow it publically or to have your answers published anonymously. If you are happy to go public with your response, there’s an option to add a photograph. The survey ends with an empty box where you can add any extra information.

Do you want to share your experience of being a foster carer? Click on the link above and share your foster journey.