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Foundation Fostering offers a Specialist Fostering Service for the care of children and young people with disabilities, special needs and attachment difficulties. These young people may have experienced a number of placement breakdowns and disruptions in the past.

Foundation Fostering adopts an Integrated bespoke Therapeutic Approach and works in partnership with Foster Carers and Local Authorities and offers a unique bespoke service.

  • Professional Foster Carers
  • Individual assessments
  • Therapeutic support
  • Clinical Psychology and Multi-disciplinary Professional support
  • Professional support
  • Practical support
  • Disability Adviser
  • Individualised support package
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Training

Individual assessments

Foundation Fostering provides a well planned placement for children and young people with a disability or special needs. This includes a detailed assessment of the child to enable the best match to be made between the needs of the young person and the skills and experience of the Foster Carer(s). It also includes a support package based on the specific needs of the child/young person and fostering household.

Individualised support package

Foundation Fostering provides a support package based on the specific and detailed needs of the child/young person being placed and the needs of the fostering household to sustain a placement. We take a holistic view and focus on feasible realistic cost-effective solutions. We do not propose solutions which are not feasible.


Our philosophy is based on a framework for ensuring that needs and strengths are specified precisely and not just in general terms and that there will be a careful analysis of what a particular placement can offer.

We define Quality as the extent to which services meet the needs of the individual and facilitate their personal development towards their goals. In addition, the Agency, Foster Carers, and staff have a responsibility to take account of the needs of families, placing Authorities and regulatory bodies.

Judgements about quality are arrived at in a variety of ways:

  • Formal Audit against externally set standards, both of policy and practice,
  • Views of staff and management about the achievement of stated goals and policies
  • Views of placing authorities,
  • Views of families,
  • Views of colleagues,
  • Views of the general public,
  • Views of external regulators / academics / researchers / pressure groups etc.

And most importantly:

  • The views of the child or young person receiving the service.

Foundation Fostering is registered with the West Midlands Placements database and all relevant documentation has been verified.


To make a referral, please contact our Placement Officer on:

01684 311555 (Monday to Sunday, 24 hours)

“Foundation Fostering are always prompt and we are kept fully informed”
– West Midlands Local Authority senior social worker

“This is the best foster family ever”
– Foster child

“I feel genuinely valued and supported by Foundation Fostering”
– Foster Carer

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