Change a child or young person’s
life for the better 

As a foster carer, you can make a real difference to vulnerable children and young people’s lives by providing something that so many of us take for granted – a safe, supportive, and caring environment in which children will be given opportunities to mature and develop that they may never have otherwise had. 

Foundation Fostering is a small, independent foster agency based in Worcester in the West Midlands.

Even though we only opened our doors in 2013, the experience of our committed and passionate team will support you on your journey as you become a foster parent.

Together, we are dedicated to making sure that everything we do is for the benefit of those who need us most.

  • Foundation Fostering is unlike many other agencies, as we set up the Eadon Trust in 2021 specifically to be able to go above and beyond in offering our support to all of those in our community including young people, carers, and staff.
  • Foundation Fostering is independently owned by those who you will meet and forge strong relationships with as part of your fostering journey.


Fostering can be incredibly demanding, but equally as rewarding. 

That’s true whether you are taking your first steps on the fostering journey or if you are a newly approved foster carer waiting for the first arrival on your doorstep, and even if you are a family with years of experience. 

For each of you, it is a unique opportunity to make a life-changing difference to the young person you care for. 

Which is why nothing is more important than finding the right foster agency. 

With Foundation Fostering, here in the West Midlands, you’ll be joining an exceptional community of like-minded fostering professionals, carers, and families who share the same values and are dedicated to working hand-in-hand to support one another. 

We do things differently; the Foundation Fostering Way. 

That means putting the interests of everyone in our community right at the heart of everything we do.

Nobody does more to make sure you are given all the support you could need to take every challenge in your stride as you build the kind of stable, secure family life that young people need to thrive. 

  • We are always available 24/7. So don’t ever be afraid to ask if you have questions, need practical help and guidance, or simply want to talk to us about the countless fostering “what ifs”.

Let us help; that’s exactly what we are here for.

Call us today for a chat at 01684 311555 or email us at


It is often the fostering community that steps forward and stands alongside children and their families when they are overwhelmed by the adverse events and experiences that shape their lives.

Children and young people who show daily courage, adaptation, and resilience in response to the challenges that flood their worlds. Children and young people who alongside what is often a struggle for survival, try so hard to hold on to hope, openness to relationships, and to do the best they can.

As a community, we are striving together to use an understanding of trauma to nurture hope, security, safety, and support recovery from distress for children and young people alongside being trusted adults in guiding their potential.

Our journey towards becoming a trauma-informed fostering community has been to use a trauma-focused lens in everything we do.

We work together alongside our fostering families to create an experience of family in which children and young people feel accepted and recognised, heard, and understood rather than blamed for their experiences.

Where they are alongside families that are compassionate to the hurt and shame as a result of the previous trauma that has happened and the traumatising effects that they have been left to cope with.

Our shared experience is that children and young people are often acting from their trauma, they do not have the language to voice what has happened to them, or how they feel and interpret their world through their lived experience.

It is not easy to trust again, to feel safe within families and to believe in the relationships offered and the much-needed care and support they can offer.

We are proud of the work we are doing together in building a fostering community structured, organised, and striving in ways that promote safety and trust and aim to prevent re-traumatisation.

In realising the widespread impact of complex trauma, we are keen to understand and connect to the potential paths for recovery.

Our lived experience alongside the remarkable children and young people who share our lives has been the healing impact of relational connection as the source of relational repair.

Reflecting a shared vision and ambition to embed the model throughout the agency at every level.

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