For all foster carers, and often their family members too, fostering is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of their lives. After all, you are giving children and young people who may not have had the best start in life the care they need to grow and develop in ways they would never have been able to otherwise.

There is no question that it is a huge step to take – one that demands a remarkable commitment as it means inviting the children of others to share your home and your future.

Many people now see fostering as a career and you can expect to earn a comfortable living in return for the time and energy you dedicate to the well-being of the children you look after. And while it is important to look at the financial situation when you’re thinking about whether you’d be able to foster, this is highly unlikely to be the reason that you chose to start your fostering journey. You have other priorities. Even so, every foster carer wants to feel valued and that can mean different things to different people.

At Foundation Fostering, all of our carers receive the same exceptional levels of support including:

  • A consistent quality relationship with the agency’s staff
  • Being supported at difficult times with access to specialist services
  • A financial return that reflects the quality of care you provide
  • Quality training and development opportunities
  • Agency values that are compatible with your own
  • A voice about how things are done within the agency
  • Simply being part of an agency that is not too big and owned by a faceless corporation/group

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A unique approach to fostering

Not all fostering agencies are the same. From the very beginning, Foundation Fostering here in the West Midlands set out to create an agency unlike any other. One where we understand and appreciate the value of every team member, carer and young person all belonging to a single, close-knit family. Not one of us ever has to “go it alone”. 

Everyone in fostering talks about ‘working in partnership’, but all too frequently this is not much more than lip service. 

Here at the Foundation Fostering Trust, we seek to engage and involve our carers and young people in every decision – from how the agency works, to how funds are spent. We believe you should be rewarded for your hard work, commitment and emotional involvement by being given the opportunity to have your say in the future of the agency. 

In this way, we genuinely do work together to provide the best care and support and to achieve the most positives outcomes possible. 

This is our passion. It’s at the very heart of everything we do. It’s what drives us to make a difference and it is what sets us apart. 


Carers do such a wonderful job of making a difference to vulnerable children and young peoples’ lives and most stay in close touch with their foster children well beyond the end of the placement, doing their best to offer what support they can to help them get started in adult life. 

Our Trust is equally dedicated to trying to support all of those young people who have previously been placed with Foundation Fostering by awarding grants to those who are in need. 

Our aim to do what a good parent would always do and promote their educational progress and achievements. So, for example, we will consider helping to fund the cost of further education. For those with nobody else to rely on or minimal financial resources of their own, we may also be able to contribute towards buying essential household items when the time comes to move into independent accommodation. 

Nor do we forget our carers. Should you decide to retire from fostering, the Trust will be able to acknowledge and financially reward you for your length of service and commitment to the agency. 

At Foundation Fostering, we are on a mission to re-shape the independent fostering agency landscape by taking ‘working in partnership’ beyond other agencies so that carers and children are truly valued and recognised as benefactors of any success. 

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