Helen Eadon | Education Support Practitioner

Hello, my name is Helen Eadon. I have been the Education & Wellbeing Officer at Foundation Fostering for over 2 years and absolutely love my job. As an agency, we are proactive and dedicated to ensuring our children and young people have a settled and supported education provision to allow them to reach their full potential. I am here to support you as carers and the children and young people in your care in all things education.

I attend all education meetings and ensure that we monitor attendance, attainment and progress and promote achievement. We love to hear about all achievements, in or out of school, so that we can send out ‘well done’ certificates.

My career background with children started over 36 years ago working in Residential Children’s Homes. I then moved on to work in education, at first working with children with behavioural and learning needs and then in the statutory role as an Education Welfare Officer. I have delivered Anti -Bullying workshops and set up Mentoring systems in both Primary and Secondary Schools and delivered joint Child Protection Training with Social Care to whole school staff groups.