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Every three years The Fostering Network conducts the State of the Nation’s Foster Care survey to produce a reliable insight into fostering in the UK; the objective is to identify areas of good practice and understand where improvements are needed. This is the fourth time the survey has been conducted and, for the first time, fostering service members were also surveyed.

Foundation Fostering recognises the importance of this national research and is committed to listening and reacting to any industry research in order that we can improve our services and support both to our foster children and their carers in every way possible.  

The 2021 report highlighted the importance of foster carers terms and conditions in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children they look after in relation to support and allowances.  At Foundation Fostering we pride ourselves on providing generous allowances that provide for the full costs for caring for a foster child or young person, including understanding the skills and expertise the foster carers provide and tailoring support for each individual family, recognising the value they provide on an ongoing basis.

We also have a comprehensive annual learning and development programme.  Foundation Fostering prides itself in the commitment, duty, and legal obligation to ensure that our foster carers receive the training and development to support, enhance and enable them to grow in the role alongside children and young people who share their families. 

Our continuous support and discussions with our foster families ensures all needs are being met and these meetings and discussions allow us to listen and consult with the families in order to provide the best solutions and support for better outcomes.

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